Why does my connection rate keep going down and down and...

When I connect to my MSI60G router (which is literally less than 13 feet away, through one wall), it starts off connected at 48kpbs (signal strength excellent to very good). It will then fluctuate between 36-48 for an hour. Then down to 24. And after a few hours I will stay stuck at 5.5mbps. All the while the signal quality stays excellent.

I am using a US robotics wireless PCI card .

Could it be my mobo? I've tried disabling the onboard NIC and changing PCI slots with the wireless adapter but to no avail.

I just want to game, dammit...
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  1. Oh, and the built in intel wireless card in my dell Inspiron DOES NOT HAVE THIS PROBLEM.

    But my tower (even using another wireless card) gets messed...
  2. There are many reasons why wireless would drop. I am used to designing cisco wireless's here so bare with me. Right angles, thickness of your walls, types of lights, microwaves, channel setup, and power can all impact your wireless. I would say more likely is that someone near you is using a channel in the same spectrum as you. Channels to use a 1, 6, and 11. Do not use anything else, as interference can happen. If your wireless router is near a microwave oven that will interfere. Your wireless phone depending on what giga hertz range it uses could interfere. B and G use 2.4 Ghz and some Pre-N. While A and Pre-N use 5Ghz. You can start to see its just not all plug in and go, there are things that do interfere. There is more, the encryption method you choose, power output of the wireless router, etc etc. I could write a paper a paper on what really effects wireless. First try changing to of those above mentioned channels 1, 6, or 11. This has the most impact.
  3. OK I understand this but how can you explain that my wife's wireless connection is solid: it never drops when she does not have an N wireless card. My connection never dropped before I replaced my OEM Dell wireless card with its 1500 wireless mini-card?

    My wife has the same walls and potential signal interference that I have so why is my connection dropping?

    sliotta@gmail.com :(
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