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I have an interesting issue. My sony Vaio had to be recently recovered due to a trojan virus. I have reinstalled all the stock software and updated all of the windows updates including service pack 3. I have installed all the downloads from sony pertaining to my pc.
My USB ports all 3 of them are not recongizing simple PNP (plug and Play) devices and continues to ask for a disk for them. I have a Targus key pad device that contains disk and does not require drivers. I have searched the web for the solution to my issue. I purchaced a pnp full keyboard with usb connection to see if it was the keypad itself. again this keyboard is fully plug and play but the computer still askes for a disk or the appropriate driver.
Anyone have any suggestions to correct my issue?

I am ready to teach the computer to fly!!!!!

Thank you
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  1. You might have missed one of the required drivers (USB or chipset). What model do you have?
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