Java install error

Hey everyone. Today I tried to install java.

First it says, This application is installed. Install again? I click yes.


I have no clue whats wrong... I try to browse, and nothing works.

This person has the same problem..
I downloaded and installed the program but when I click it it says JavaRA logfile cannot be located.
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  1. It is always best to remove all old versions of Java. You only need the latest and there could be vulnerabilities in older versions.

    You can remove old Java versions by going into the control panel, and depending on your operating system, add / remove programs or program control.

    You need to uninstall all and any that have JRE, J2SE or obviously Java. Look for the coffee cup icon.

    If you have trouble with removing Java via control panel you can use the "Windows Installer Clean Up utility", instructions on page linked below:

    Download and save the latest version of Java 6 update 18 (JavaSetup6u18-rv.exe) to your desktop from the page linked below. Remember to save the file not run.
    If the installer is not the correct one click on the "See all Java downloads link" and select the correct version:

    Before you install the latest version, after you have uninstalled all older versions clear your temporary internet files then reboot. After reboot double click (or right click and run as administrator) JavaSetup6u18-rv.exe to install.

    If you still have problems with the Java install and haven't run the Windows Installer Clean Up utility, try running it and searching for Java remnants and try the install again.
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