XP OS, will not boot beyond BIOS

I have an AMD 2800+ with XP Professional; I don’t have the original XP disk but I have the 25 digit product code and I have another (legal copy of) Windows XP Professional.
I can get into, and change options within, the BIOS; but I can’t get any further than that.

This is the sequence of events:

1)Original PATA) disk was partitioned (C & D)
2)Added WD 500GB SATA and partitioned it (F & G). Using WD Data Lifeguard Tools I transferred everything from C to F and from D to G.
3)I disconnected the old drive and made the new drive the active/system disk.
4)Everything worked well and I installed the Windows updates etc.
5)When I next booted the pc I got a menu asking which OS I wanted to load. The screen showed (from memory, something like):

Windows XP
Windows XP

6)It didn’t make any difference which option I picked since the PC booted to the Windows desktop. I once had a similar problem to this and it involved running MSCONFIG. When I ran MSConfig and looked in the Boot.ini tab and under [Operating Systems] I expected to be able to delete one of the duplicate “Windows XP” entries but there was only an entry for Recovery Console, so I delete that.
7)When I rebooted, I found that I could get into the BIOS and change any option – if necessary – but once out of there it would get just past where I could see what HDD's were present and then the screen goes black and nothing happens.
8)I tried re-connecting the original disk but I get the same result.

I need help. What should I do?

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  1. if you boot with XP disk and it doesn't try to install, or add remove modules then I would say that the HDD or the SATA controller died, when you are in BIOS does it see the HDD
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