best 120mm and 92mm fans that can be silenced

i want to replace the stock fans on a TT armor case. Since I have a fairly heavy oc I want to be able to crank the fans up when necessary, but for my non gaming and encoding needs, i do not want my fans to drown out my audio. I need 3 120s and 2 92mm fans. Preferably ones that can be turned down to <25db while still moving a decent amount of air (40cfm+) and when on high can create a nice wind tunnel effect. The same for the 92s except with lower cfms. What fans would fit these requirements best?

I have looked at some noctuas, silenx, and a few others, but am not sure as to the reliability of the specifications.
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  1. I have heard good things about Noctuas but I haven't used them myself. I got a 120 Silenx. They are pretty decent with a good air flow and relatively quite but not as quite as their specs say they are 14 dba, I think not. I also got a Cooler master 120 fan which is also pretty quite. I don't know if I was unlucky but 2 of them have gotten a bad led within 1 week of usage. It pushes less air than my silenx. My case is also a TT armor, how come you got 3 x 120 mm fans ? you must have added one ?

    Anyways, I haven't replace my 92 mm yet, I'll probably go for the SilenX even though they are pretty expensive.

    I have also heard good thing about Yate loon fan.
  2. A noise(less) based Review on the 120mm fans.
  3. i saw that review, but those fans do not have the upper performance i would want during intensive applications. they top out around 50cfm
  4. might check this one then.

    Pay attn. to the all-stars charts, on the medium speed fans listed there, volted down to quiet levels.
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