Need help picking a Workstation laptop for 3D-CAD purposes

First post so be gentle ;)

Just got the great news that I'm going to China for an intermship, I'm currently Studying for Industrial Product Engineer in Rotterdam. And I really need a mobile workstation for me to work on in China.

Programs I use a lot:

UGS NX4 (should become NX5)
NX Nastran 4.1
Solidworks 2007
Mold Adviser 7.1
Part Adviser 7.1

Acrobat reader
Photoshop CS3

Word 2007
Excell 2007
Powerpoint 2007
Outlook 2007

The heavy ones are NX4 (formaly unigraphics) and NX Nastran 4.1.

I need a laptop workstation because all there software is in Chinese and I of course can learn chinese in 3 months.

I am awaiting your toughts.

Kind regards,

Frank Eisenga
Student Industrial Product Engineering University of Rotterdam
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  1. I heard some roumors about Quadro cards for laptops, some brands like HP say they install them in laptops but I can't find the price tags for those laptop...
  2. Dell Precision M90
  3. I'd be talking with my local HP, NEC and Fujitsu distributers. (not dealers...) One might include IBM / lenovo in that mix. Get some professional advice.

    Ask nicely, they'll help is my experience.
  4. As I am a Industrial Product Engineer (Designer) in the making I can't really picture myself with the Dell Laptop... Appart from it's ability to house a powerfull quadro card it just doesn't look... well... inspiring.

    Thanks anyway but Dell just isn't my thing really...
  5. Some of the new Thinkpads have the ati mobility fire gl v5250.
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