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I still get a low disk space message. Could someone go check out this link? Tell me what to keep and what to delete.
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  1. get rid of Norton, and the download folders for vuse than open my computer and right click on the C drive and go to properties, on the lower left you will see disk clean up, use it and get rid of all the junk and let it compress the folder, it will do this by default, this will probably fix the low disk problem, if you instist on using torrents for downloading, get another HDD or a external HDD and save the stuff there
  2. If I get rid of norton my computer won't be protected anymore
  3. whats Mc Caffe in the list for, personally I'd get rid of norton and McCaffe and use NOD32, it's cheaper and maybe the best there is, not to mention a smaller footprint and not a resourse hog
  4. In add/remove programs I removed Norton and McCaffee. And I install zonealarm security trial for now. In BitTorrent when I try to download movies it still says:

    There is not enough disk space on the disk.
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