Doom 3, 8500GT Benchmark (better than a 7600GT!!!)

ok i've just instslled doom 3 v1.3.1 and run the timedemo1 @1024x768x32 medium quality settings on everything and I get 84.9fps.

To keep with what Tom's hardware have done previously in their recent 8600GTS review(see here for comparable Doom3 benchies: ) I then set it to 1024x768x32 ultra quality settings - no AA & 8xAF in the demo\windows and I get 70.6fps.

Link to doom 3 fps screen:

If you compare this to the above Tom's benchmark selection you'll see that this result puts my 8500GT just above a x850xt and 5fps quicker than a 7600GT and im using a e6420 cpu @stock speeds which is 800mhz slower than the X6800 used in that review (the rest of my PC is on par with their PC, Asus P5N-E, OCZ 2gb ddr2 800)!

This to me shows the great potential in the 8500GT if other manufacturers go beyond the nvidia reference specs as gainward did with their card making it 600mhz gpu\1200 gddr3 mem\passive cooler for the same price as the bog standard 8500gt (£60).

Infact Gainward also have a 8500GT with the memory clocked to 1400Mhz\GPU 600Mhz for the same £60 as my card but this card comes with a fan so I went with the silent option instead (little less speed but MUCH less noise).

Links to cards, My Card:
600\1400 card with fan cooling:

So don't diss the 8500GT yet as it just may turn into a cheap dx10 7600GT replacement yet (as it has for me)!
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  1. Aye but do you want to pay for a new graphics card to get 5 fps difference on a game that is several years old now? It's not worth 50 quid to get comparatively low gains and that's only one game, if it fares 5 fps better in oblivion I might be interested. It seems like a ludicrous waste on your chip to use such a low end card.
  2. One game won't represent all games. And even my oced 7800gs chews a 8500gt.
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