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I need a bit of help setting up a wireless network in my house. I have got 4 Desktop PCs in the house currently running through an Ethernet Switch. My PC has the USB Modem connected to it and all the other PCs share the internet through my PC. I would like to create a Wireless Network, so I can get rid of all these cables. What Hardware do I need? I have been reading about Routers and Access Points, but I am not sure which one I need. I still plan on running the internet through my PC and then sharing it wirelessly. My brother and friend have Laptops with built-in wireless capabilities, so they will also need to be able to connect to my PC and use the internet and play games. I will need other people to be able to connect to my PC via ethernet as well as Wireless.

I read 1 of the stickies which I think means that I can do this, but would it be better to get a router or just use Wireless Adapters?
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  1. As long as you can live with speeds around 12 mbps I suggest WRT54G router run you like $50. If you want something faster or with more distance by all means spend more. Without a centralized router you wont get descent encryption. I suggest WPA or WPA2 encryption. I guess you could get a cheap access point but at $50 for something descent why take the risk.
  2. I would like speeds of 54mbps. I need a router that supports "G" or something right? The computers are all over my house. Am I able to get a router or AP and hook it up in the center of my house and share the internet on my PC?
  3. First of all, forget about continue to share your internet connection via your PC.

    Buy a wireless-G DSL router and connect it to your DSL line. The router will handle all sharing of the internet.

    Make sure you get a router with a built-in DSL modem and not one with a cable modem.
  4. Thanks for your reply.

    Will a Wireless G Router with a built in DSL Modem work with my Wireless ISP?
  5. Sorry you've confused me by "Wireless ISP", what do you mean? Do you not plug your USB modem into your phone line or cable box?
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