Just build a new PC, keyboad doesn't work past BIOS

I just build a new computer out of all new components (with the exception of my hard drives and my DVD drive). My new motherboard does not have PS2 ports so I have to use the USB mouse and keyboard which worked fine with the previous set-up I had with the same hard drives.

The keyboard works fine in BIOS, but once Windows loads I lose power to the keyboard (the num lock lights don't light up and I can't type). I have USB and Legacy enabled in the BIOS, but I did not see anything about enabling a USB keyboard like some other forums suggested.

What can I do?
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  1. did you Install the front header USB connections, or is that where you have the KB connected, if you have a thumb drive connect the TD to the connection that the KB is and see if it has power, the little light that they all have, if you have the KB hooked to the rear USB try the TD there, at any rate be sure that the USB port has enough power with windows running, I use a powered USB hub so that anything that I hook up works correctly, especially to the front port
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