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Have just installed software on to computer a week ago. Have had terrible problems since. Internet wont load or keeps crashing when it does work it is slow comes to a standtill. Affetcing all other programs in same way . After half an hour of working computer crashes. HAve disabled kapersky software and computer running brilliantly. Obviously problem with kapersky but how do I solve it. Very frustraTED PLEASE HLP
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  1. If you know Kapersky is the problem, uninstall it and get something like this on there. No problems on my Vista machines and it's free.

  2. Kaspersky is a machine performance killer, try Nortons Internet Security 2009, it works fantastic on WinXP and Win Vista, I was running Kaspersky but had to get rid of it because of exactly what you're experiencing.

    However NIS 2009 really shows off Symantecs determination to win back its popularity, 5yrs ago every Nortons release seemed worse than the one before it, and during that time I wouldn't recommend Nortons anything period.

    Nortons Internet Security 2009 is a completely newly designed performance minded application, it works, it doesn't bog down your computer, it stays updated with micro-burst technology, once you install it and update its data base, its almost like its not even on your computer.

    I'm using it on 3 computers, I haven't the first complaint, I can't say enough about this product, its worth every penny you pay for it, and comes with a license to install on 3 computers.

    You can even try it for 15 days free, I do suggest at least giving it a test and feel free to come back to this thread and bash me till your hearts content, if I'm not telling you 100% truth.


    Have a great day FRUSTRATED 39. Ryan

    Howdy badge! Hope you're having a great day too!
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