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I have older children. My question is not directed at censoring their online travels. My question is aimed at securing my system against their stupidity.

I am building a new sys this weekend. It is for me to game on and each of my kids has their own box in their room. But, they WILL want to use Dad's computer at times. I just can't tell them no, although that WOULD be the safest way!!

Windows 7 OS. I always have avast!, adaware, spybot on my systems. I am confident in recovering from just about anything. I'd rather set them up with their own user account that is restricted enough to let them play and surf without infecting the system.

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  1. Sounds like your already doing a great job!You can also use the parental controls within win 7!
    Download Malwarebytes free edition!use this to scan your computer once a week for adware, spyware and is better than spybot and adaware!
  2. Here's the link ,download the free edition!
  3. I would give Windows Steady State a shot, after creating a back-up image of the operating system partition.

    Although it doesn't specify Win 7 compatibility it does for Vista, so it should run fine.

    Microsoft offers it for free and lets you completely protect your PC from users by applying the restrictions you want for them and / or reverting the system back to the state it was each time a user logs off.
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