DVD burner recomendations?

Looking at the reviews on newegg... none seem to stand out except maybe the lite-on LH-20A1S

can anyone recommend something?
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  1. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16827151141

    Quiet, good burner and only 38.99+SH

    OEM, SATA and Lightscribe
    18X DVD+R
    8X DVD+RW
    8X DVD+R DL
    18X DVD-R
    6X DVD-RW
    12X DVD-RAM
    16X DVD-ROM
    48X CD-R
    32X CD-RW
    48X CD-ROM
  2. I like LG a lot, 3 different models all worked perfectly.
    Don't like Pioneer, had a bad experience.
    I heard bad things about Lite-On but haven't tried any myself.
    Asus DRW-1814 BLT has the best reviews I've read lately - fast and quiet.
    I'd avoid Plextor because you pay triple the price just for the brand name.
    And of course avoid Sony products unless you like rootkits :evil: .
  3. get a SATA one. I got a pioneer one for cheap..like 42 Canadian..its fast, but a tiny bit loud..not complaining for the 40 bucks.

    Pioneer DVR-212D 18X Internal DVD/CD Writer with SATA interface. 8x +/-Dual Layer, 18x DVD-/+R, 6x DVD-RW/8x DVD+RW, 40x CD-R, 32x CD-RW. Features include "Buffer Under Run" protection, "Quiet Drive" firmware utility which slows down the rotational speed for CD-Audio & DVD movie playback, Disc-at-once and incremental write. OEM version
  4. What does Sony burners have to do with rootkits :?:

    Back to the topic...

    I've got 2 DVD burners a Sony DRU-700A which is the best burner I've ever got. Still using it now and it's worth every penny I've spent.
    When it first came out it cost $200 because it was the first burner to support
    double layer disc.

    The other one I've got it a Lite-ON 160P6S. Immediately after installing it on to my system I notice that this drive some how does not read disc properly and sometimes it takes a long time to recognize it. And updating the firmware made it worse! :lol:

    Both comes with Nero OEM.
    The Sony's NERO OEM includes NERO Burning ROM and Nero Express
    while the Lite ON only comes with an el cheapo Nero Express.
    To bad the Sony's Nero can only work on it's own drive, so therfore
    I had to go and get myself Nero 7 just to using both of my drives.

    Here is one, but it's kind of expensive compare to other burners and it's not SATA
    Sony DRU-830A
    product link
  5. I've had 2 Sony DVD drives the DRU500A (which was the first +/- RW drive) and the DRU700A (which was the first DL drive) both of which I bought when they first came out, both of which cost about $200 when I bought them. In fact I had the 700A a year before dual layer media was available only to find out there were better and cheaper options out there.

    You don't have to spend a lot on a drive in fact a lot of drives are built by the same company and just have a different name on them. This is the drive I am currently using, it works great and is completely quiet except every once in a while when I'm installing something and that's really the only time you notice it working, totally quiet even when burning discs or lightscribe. There really isn't any benefit in going with Sata other than no jumpers and smaller cables and I wanted all my Sata ports available for hard drives so Sata or Pata is really up to you.
  6. Quote:
    What does Sony burners have to do with rootkits :?:

    Some time ago (2005 or 2006, not sure) Sony released some music CDs with a weird copy-protection scheme. The software on these CDs was installing spyware on Windows computers. Also, because the thing was implemented badly, it was leaving the system wide open for viruses, and a couple of those appeared soon. Eventually Sony settled in court and released the CDs again without software. They also released a patch to fix the problem, giving it to the affected customers along with the cleaned-up CDs and a few bucks. However, the patch was also badly implemented and made things even worse. :lol: I'm not even sure what scares me most, the fact that they intentionally planted spyware on people's PCs or the incompetence. Either way, I'd rather have DVD burner drivers from somebody else on my PC. But that's just me... It's a shame really, because the burners themselves are very good indeed, according to reviews.
  7. CD Freaks and their forums are THE place for optical drive info - http://www.cdfreaks.com/

    as far as drives go, im happy with my Optiarc (Sony/NEC joint venture) 7170S drives, but they do have 1 minor annoyance. they take a bit longer to get going at system start and for some reason they are much louder at that time.
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