Can't get more than 100Mbps Full Duplex on Gigabit LAN

Question for everyone. I have two computer hooked up to a gigabit router, and Both are running vista. The older computer which is running on a MSI NEO2 939 board is registering 1.0 gb on the Lan speed however my other machine which is a nforce4 mobo with a gigabit will not even give me the option for force it to anything higher then 100mb FD. I have looked through the router and everything I can think of on here and can't come up with what to do next. I have CAT 5E to both and can get gagbit lan to recognize on my XP installation. Any suggestions? I have loaded all the latest driver and can't come up with anything....
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  1. Not a hundred percent sure, but you need cat6 to be able to use 1gb lan. it's possible that one of your cables is cat 6 and the other is cat5e
  2. You'll want to use Cat6 for both.

    Are both ports the computers hook into on the gigabit router both gigabit capable? I've seen some where only 4 ports are gigabit capable while the rest are 10/100.
  3. I think this problem is simplier than you think. Most gigabit adaptors, especially cheaper ones, do not give you the option to force a gigabit connection. You can either select 10, 100 or auto. It has to use auto for gigabit. Do you have any indication that it is not connecting at gigabit speed? Try using some network bandwidth testing software. Or, a simplier test is to force it at 100/full, copy a large file and time it. Then set it to auto and do the same. See if the file copies faster.
  4. Cat5E is fine for Gigabit. I have gigabit NICs connected to a gigabit switch using Cat5E and the links connect at 1 gig.

  5. Do you have an onboard LAN adapter on the older machine that would prevent the addon LAN adapter to function?
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