Msvcr71.dll was not found

Happens after trying to start any java applet.

Here's one of the java applet:

I reinstalled java and same error.
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  1. Does that DLL exist in %SystemRoot%\System32? What Java did you install?
  2. To the best of my knowledge, Msvcr71.dll is part of the Microsoft Visual C Run Time library and nothing to do with Java; contact the person who posted the app and ask.

    Whatever you do, don't just download the DLL from a web site (unless it's direct from, there are good number of sites offering DLL's for free download, some of them will also contain malware!
  3. "exist in %SystemRoot%\System32?" - yes
    "What Java did you install?"- the lastest one; that's not the problem, like i said, i also reinstalled

    "download the DLL from a web site (unless it's direct from" - do you have a specific link to see if that solves the problem?
  4. do you have a specific link for the microsoft download so i can see if that solves the problem?

    yes, i'm still alive.
  5. A simple search on shows that is the easiest way to get it; the alternative is to down-load the full Visual Studio 2003 Redistribution pack.
  6. first of all, i never knew even had a search function. secondly, if someone knowledgable makes a comment like that and wants to help, they should appropriately put the link. it's not too difficult.

    like the above reply shows an alternative that i didn't even know about. Now we people know what _helpful_ means.
  7. i just realized it was the same username... but anyway i don't think that makes a difference.
  8. the link is not even from ???

    what YOU said:
    Whatever you do, don't just download the DLL from a web site (unless it's direct from

    i agree.
    so where's the dl direct from microsoft??.........
  9. If it can make you feel more comfortable, I downloaded msvcr71.dll from that link and it matches the one that I have on my system. I used fc and it found no differences at all. You're safe to download it and install it.

    If you want it from Microsoft, then you'll have to buy a product that includes it.
  10. The DLL is no longer avilable from MS on it's own, it went end-of-life some time back and can now only be directly down-loaded as part of the full redistributable (via MSDN web site), the big question is why would a Java Applet require Microsoft VS 2003 runtime DLL's?
  11. "I downloaded msvcr71.dll from that.." - so after i dl this .dll where exactly do i put the file so i can check if the java applet now works or not.

    "why would a Java Applet require Microsoft VS 2003 runtime DLL's?" - i dont know....
  12. You put it in C:\WINDOWS\system32 and you register it with regsvr32.exe
  13. msvcr71.dll is already in C:\WINDOWS\system32

    should i delete it and add the new one?

    also i'm not sure how to "register" a dll file.
  14. You can check if they are the same version before replacing it. To register a DLL, you open it with regsvr32.exe. You'll probably have to right-click msvcr71.dll, select "Open with" and find the regsvr32.exe program in C:\WINDOWS\system32. A message should indicate successful registration if you have admin rights.

    Edit: If a DLL that needs to be registered isn't, then applications won't find it.
  15. the dll file is the same version is the most recent one.

    i tried registering the dll before and recieved a different error. i did it right now, and the error was

    "msvcr71.dll" is not an executable file and no registration helper is registered for this file type.

    any ideas?
  16. My fault for not checking that one. It isn't a registrable DLL, but it has to be in the path. Type path from a DOS windows and verify that "C:\Windows\System32;" is in the path.
  17. I was getting the Msvcr71.dll error when trying to start Real Player. I downloaded the DLL file from the above link and put it in C:\Windows\System32. I did not have to run anything. After putting the file in that folder, Real opened fine.
  18. Just an FYI. msvcr71.dll should be found in the bin directory of the JRE or JDK, so you don't actually have to download it from anywhere.

    If you add the JDK or JRE bin directory to your path, it should pick up the dll. Or you can put it in the directory of your executable or in some other directory that is in the path.
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