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I'm trying fix an apparent corrupt registry by going into the Recovery Console but when it asks for the user to "Press R" my keyboard won't respond at all. Not only R but F3 or any other option, yet the keyboard works when you are asked to press any key to start the boot up from your cd. Anyone here who has experienced this or who knows the problem and how to fix it?
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  1. Check your keyboard for a 'F lock' key and unlock it. Try another keyboard, USB if your are using PS/2.
  2. I'm currently using a USB keyboard and it works when I press any key during the boot up from the cd. It just won't respond when asked to hit 1 of three options at the RC. (F3, R, Esc) So I'm just stuck at that point. I can simply reboot and use the keyboard to go into setup just fine.
  3. Check the USB keyboard options in the BIOS, you might need to enable either USB HMI or Legacy USB support depending on the BIOS.
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