Black screen on startup

Hey all,

I have a very annoying problem with my home computer, let me type the specs first:

- Asus P5Q
- Intel Q6600
- Ati HD4850
- Windows Vista Home premium 64-bit

Ok, here's the story:

Yesterday, i wanted to shutdown my pc, so i press the red shutdown button in the start menu
First odd thing happened: The computer went in some kind of "sleep mode" The screen was black, and my screen went in stand-by mode. The computer did not shut down. Whatever i did, the computer didnt go out of the sleep mode, smashed my keyboard, clicked my mouse, nothing happened. I was in a hurry so i had to shutdown my computer using the power button in my case. I cut off the power, and went away.

The next morning, i plug the power back in and i try to start my computer again. The computer started the same way before i shut him down the day before: Fans are running, i dont hear my hard drive running, black screen, screen goes in stand-by mode after a few seconds. No boot menu, nothing immediately a black screeb
Very odd, smashed keyboard again and again, pressed every button i could, but nothing happened. Even the leds on my keyboard werent lighted when the pc startsup, mouse does flicker.

Then i had the idea to maybe try and cut power again, and try again after that. So i did as i was thinking, cut the power, reconnected to electricity net, and start up again. This is when another odd thing happens: Everytime i cut power and try restart after reconnecting to power net, the pc goes to black screen fans running, shuts himself down again, and then immediately restarts 1 time. This happens EVERYTIME i cut power. After that he just stays in black screen, nothing happens.

Does anyone know what is going on here? Yesterday he worked perfectly, but today he wont even start the bootup screen. I hope you can help me out :)

Thanks on advance

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  1. The forced shutdown may have corrupted the shutdown process.

    See if you can get the safe boot menu to appear.

    As soon as you start your PC immediately start tapping the F8 key in about 1 second intervals.

    With some luck you may get the safe boot menu appear. If it does there should be an option "Restore my PC to last known good configuration", select this, hit enter and hopefullly things will be back to normal.
  2. Thanks for the help so far. But hitting the F8 key unforunately did not help.

    The weird thing is normally at startup all the three lights of the keyboard (num lock/caps lock/scroll lock) should flicker once, but this doesnt happen.
    I don't know, maybe my keyboard doesnt get power from my PSU.
    I'd have love to test it with USB keyboard since USB mouse works, but i dont have any at my place.

    Any suggestions?
  3. I had that EXACT same problem about two days ago. Like you I also pressed that "shutdown" button in the start menu, and my PC went to sleep mode. On the next restart, my PC will turn on with fans and lights, but nothing on the display.

    I took it to the local PC shop, and the dude fixed it in about 10 minutes by taking out a flat battery on my mobo and then putting it back in after about 2 minutes. After that, everything worked again. According to him, I might've done something to mess up my BIOS settings and by taking out the battery you can reset it.

    I hope everything works out for you man.
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