Malwarebytes Pro vs. Ad-ware free for real time protection


I just wondered on what your thoughts are about Malwarebytes, I know that it is highly praised for it's free scanning software and i already use it and think it is really effective,

I have currently been using Ad-aware Free for real time protection, and just wondered if the full version of Malwarebytes offers the same sort of features and how effective it is? (although judging from the free scanner i guess it would be very good)

I just ask because i have used Ad-aware for years, due to a recommendation and now i am just wondering if it is really that essential? i have am cautious on the internet and ad-aware has never found any viruses or prevented me from going on to any nasty websites, and really all it seems to be when i run a scan is a cookie remover,

so in short, does malwarebytes full version provide good real time protection?

Also does it perform quietly in the background?

Thanks rob
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  1. I vote for Malwarebytes!
    Superb Free scanner!
    Definitely Malwarebytes Full version gives excellent real-time protection than Ad-aware!
  2. Sweet, yea I hoped that it would be, and another thing i like is the fact that the license should last forever lol...

    Do you use the paid version? and is it freidnly on resources?

    Thanks again rob
  3. I m using free version only.
    ratings about paid version is globally seems best.
  4. malwarebytes is a piece of crap.... it's totally useless...
  5. malware pro is fantastic!using it right now
  6. Malwarebytes is an excellent malware Scanner. Hope our canuck is misguided by something.
    Go fo Malwarebytes Pro. It is unbeatable.
  7. AdAware is past its prime. MBAM and SAS.
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