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Hard Drive Duplicator

I need to make a Hard Drive Duplicator, but I can't find any software to support what I need. Basically, I need an 80GB Hard Drive image put on 100 500GB Hard Drives. I'm going to use one of my systems that has 8 sata ports total. Each of these hard drives need to be an exact replica of the 80GB. I need to do as many hard drives as I can at a time. 1:1 copy will not cut it; 1:7 or 1:11 (pending I get that sata add-on card).
Any ideas for software? I'm willing to use linux if need be.
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  1. Try CloneZilla!
    Will Solve your problem!
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    get Hiren's boot cd,,
    use symantec ghost or acronis for disk to disk cloning .. there are lot of tools packed with it.. check it...
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