itunes has taken over all the exe files on my pc, along with the icons on the desktop. what ever I open it opens itunes. can anyone won't
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  1. Do you mean it opens .jpegs, mp3, mp4, mpegs...etc?

    When you installed itunes, you probably had those extensions default to play in itunes.

    Right click on the files, go to the properties, and change the default program.

    Or you can right click on the file-->open with-->and choose the program you want-->then check the box to always use that program.
  2. no, if i want to open msword on my wuick launch, it opens itunes, if I want to go to start/programs/roxio/creator.exe it opens itunes. it's taken over my pc
  3. Try uninstalling itunes. Then open your .exes'.
  4. it's uninstalled as of now, but my wife has a new itouch, and would like to use the itunes on our hp pc. I would like to re-install it, but I know the same thing will happen, ergo I need to find out why it does this and prevent it from happening again..
  5. You can reinstall itunes. When you do, keep a close eye on the screen, where you choose the extensions you want to default to itunes.
  6. tried that, unchecked everything, problem is nothing happens until it's all installed , then everything changes. there are 3 or 4 others in apple disscusions with the same problem, and no one can help us. i've installed and uninstalled this version ( newest ) and olders vsn, about 5 times with the same results.
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    Interesting. I've never had that problem. I've got v. What version were you on?

    If you feel confident in the registry, you could run regedit, and double check the path files that each effected program is looking at.
  8. too many things to look for, too many mistakes that can be made, and I just found out Itouch can only be put in one pc, can you believe that? since she has access thru a network to this pc, and her music, she can move it that way and use her sony pc, and her itunes there. thanks for the help though

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  10. Thanks for the vote chucklou.

    Hope all turned out well.
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