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I switched computers and all i did was copy and paste my music collection (over 500 songs) and when inserted into iTunes my collection is about 50 songs that i dont even listen to. To put it mildly I ******* hate apple. Thankfully most of my songs are on my iPhone. Is there a program anyone would recommend so that i can get my songs on to my PC for free? I have about 200+ songs so a free trial wont work. Thank you
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  1. If you've copied your old music file to your new computer, all you need to do, is import your music file into itunes.
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  2. see i did that and not all my songs transferred over. I cant explain it other than Apple is retarded. All i did was put all my music in one folder called "music" put it on another machine then put it on an external hard drive then drag and dropped it into my iTunes and most all of my songs didn't show up. A lot of them were purchased songs from the iTunes store so they're all compatible but no the less they didn't show up.
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  3. Try going to the file menu, and importing the music file.

    If they don't import into itunes, double click some of those songs, to see if they'll even play.
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  4. Those dont help bc its an iPhone not an iPod. And it isn't synced with my new OS bc it will erase all my songs. I need a legit program that pulls them off for you.
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