Vista or XP...

just wondering, which one can play games better, i've seen benchmarks and XP performs better than vista in games, but vista uses DX10, dunno, does vista have better quality in games, in like, crysis?

I really dont mind choosing one or the other, except i do know vista has a *** load of problems, which sucks, and i hate that about vista, but atleast its "pretty"

I heard somewhere to get SP1, dunno why but i heard it runs games better?
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  1. {Self Edited for violating the If you have nothing nice to say.... clause}
  2. Vista is the superior OS. Vista, properly updated, has very close to no issues at all. I don't know how you can say you hate the OS - have you actually used it for an extended period of time?

    The hearsay about Vista is horribly incorrect. If you're just going off of what you heard, it's outdated. Vista is an excellent OS, and I recommend it to anyone deciding it over XP. If you already have a copy, install it. If you don't, I wouldn't buy one - just wait till 7 is should be even better.
  3. oh, your right, let me totally forget bill gates rushed the production of vista and it crashed on the first time it was brought up, let me also forget how the OS took me...10 minutes? to start up, i dont want to hear the "omfg vista is so 1337, its ur fault" crap, because when i bought a 1500$ computer straight from the store, brand new, the thing also decided to freeze on me whilst playing games. Plus 20 minute boot time.

    IF you ever decide to play ToP ( You'll enjoy...2 minutes? before freezing. I really find it funny how you find vista an excellent OS, its pretty, but compared to XP, it does sux a bit.

    lol horribly incorrect...BSOD much?

    Right...IS there much difference between the DX10 and DX9 quality, is Vista slower than XP in any way and such, thats all i want to know, not fanboy review
  4. oh yes, and you say if i had to been able to use it for an extended time, no, because i returned the little piece of *** right back to the store. I bought it from best buy, brand new
  5. I'm sorry if you read my post that way, but I'm no fanboy. Having installed Vista hundreds of times and worked with it on pre-installed computers hundreds of times, I think I've learned a little about the OS.

    It's frozen on me twice, and both times were due to bad drivers. Often, when a machine freezes, it's usually a hardware fault or bad third-party code...not the OS. The fact that your PC frozen during games directly tells you that you had (usually) one of three problems - (1) a bad driver, (2) heat/power issues, or (3) a poorly written game. I've never heard of tales of pirates, but it looks fairly low-budget, so I won't rule 3 out. None of these three problems are related to how Vista operates - they're dependent on hardware and 3rd party software. The fact that your PC took 10 minutes to start up is probably due to vendor bloatware installed on your machine after Vista was...again, not Vista's fault.

    The performances differences between Vista (which is only a few years old) and XP (which is over 8, now) are negligible; they're neck and neck. As drivers become more mature (as XP has had plenty of time to do so), Vista will pull ahead.

    I have never gotten a BSOD in Vista. I've gotten them quite a bit in XP...but most of them were my HD2600's fault, and not XP's.

    So, before you go blindly putting your OS as a scapegoat for your computer problems and doing no analysis whatsoever as to what exactly was going on, I suggest you take my word as not "fanboy". I've never been a fanboy, and never will be. If a company makes a good product, I'll use that product. If they make a crappy one, I won't use it. That's as simple as it gets.

    All in all, the difference between DX10 and DX9 is negligible, but once you play games in DX10, you'll start to appreciate it. It simply adds some cool motion blur effects and some nice lighting and such. Try running the crysis benchmark with DX9 and then 10, and you'll see what I'm talking about. It just makes things look a little nicer.
    As for Vista being slower than XP, as I said before, in general, they're neck and neck. Vista has tons of nice features (especially searches!), and also supports more than 4GB of RAM, which is really only nessesary for heavy audio and video editing, or graphical or engineering rendering.

    And that is 100% my opinion (based on experience and benchmarks) and 0% "omfg vista is so 1337" (not that my previous post contained any...)
  6. so i guess the only thing ive learned from this lesson is not to buy computers made by a company, because of uncompatable, doesent seem very unpossible, i've heard reviews of alienware sticking two SLI GPU's on a MB that cant support SLI before.

    Meibe it was, but i did really get agrivated from using it, if i had the specs i'd tell you, but it was...2 years ago i do believe
  7. any difference in vista 64 bit ultimate and normal vista 64 bit
  8. For most people, no. Vista Ultimate has some cooler features, but that's about it. Here's a nice long chart on the feature set breakdown:
  9. awesome, thx...sorry i lost my temper. Any difference in vista SP1 and the normal version, too?
  10. and i was looking at the OS's

    Im assuming the second one comes in a package of three? The first one i can just stick it on my hard drive the first time i boot up and it'll go?
  11. You're correct on the newegg items.

    I don't know what you mean by the difference between Vista SP1 and the 'normal' version. What normal version?

    Also, SP1 is out-of-date. SP2 is the new addition, so remember to enable updates.
  12. normal as in vista 64 bit ultimate, compared to vista 64 bit ultimate SP 1
  13. Why would you want to use Vista without it's updates? That's like using an explorer with those old Firestone tires that fall apart.
  14. updates are costly, might not be able to buy them atm when i first build the computer, depending on my budget, so ill see
  15. ...all updates are free...they always have been...

    I don't know where you got the idea they cost money.
  16. There's actually a sticky in this form on this exact topic.
    As a matter of fact, it's the very first thread on this Vista General Discussion page.

    Probably better to go through that one first and add any questions rather than continue this thread. Most people don't want to repeat themselves as well.
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