Cloning C: drive

hello!! I need some input on what program me and the company I work for should use for cloning the C drive with windows/drivers/data/apps

now here is what I need from importance level 1 most - 5 least

1. super easy for the customer to restore, maybe a one click restore? *sort of like when you burn an image using the program Image for Windows*

2. I need old people to click a few buttons before the OS is loaded and be able to restore without inserting any cds

3. This program absolutely needs to make a hidden recovery partition *like acer and the netbooks, just by holding f11 you can restore windows to its original state with all the drivers installed AND YOU DONT NEED TO INSERT A CD!!! :)*

4. it needs support to burn straight to dvds

the closest software I have found is acronis, but the restore process from the hidden restore partition was way to many clicks for the customer

We're basically trying to almost do what DELL, HP and big companies do with creating a way to totally oll back your installation of windows WITHOUT A CD!!! :)

Thank yall so much in advance for your time and effort!!! It would be much appreciated!
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  1. Just curious... have you ever tried clonezilla? Thanks
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