Is it possible to change the boot drive to a different disk?

Here's the problem : my computer has 2 hard drives. One hard drive, "C", has windows and all my applications on it.

The other drive, "E", is for backup purposes only. It is not supposed to have anything important on it besides backup files of things that are on C.

I screwed up during installing windows somehow, and "E" has my boot partition and my boot.ini and a couple other boot files on the disk.

Well, naturally, E is now failing. It is probably a day or so from quitting completely, as it has been dying over the last few days. I have been getting more and more errors from drive E.

I'd like to just pull the plug on it, but I can't boot if I did that. I tried manually copying over 3 boot files I found on E, and using FIXBOOT to create a boot partition on drive C. That hasn't worked, and I can't boot unless E is plugged in.

This is very frustrating, because the hard drive manufacturer is taking it's sweet time sending an advance RMA, and I think the drive is about to go dead completely.

Uggh. The OCZ Vertexes are also sold out on, so I can't buy an SSD to replace these mechanical monstrosities. :(

What is the proper way to move the boot partition and the boot files to a different drive, so that a computer can boot from a different hard drive? The Windows directory and all resources are already on a different drive.
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  1. Ahh, that's the problem : the very last step. I didn't set the boot record to the C drive.
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