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Hey everyone,

My problems started a couple hours ago. First, all of my folders suddenly became 'read-only', I was unable to install anything. I saw somewhere to log on as admin in safe mode, and take ownership of my disks. I opened MSConfig, click boot.ini and checked the /SAFEBOOT option.

My computer crashes when it starts in safe mode. It gets to the login screen and crashes about 6 seconds later. No error messages, nothing. Just crash and reboot?

You see where I'm going? Endless crash-reboot cycle.

Is there anyway that I can make windows start in normal mode, via windows start up? I can get to the selection screen where I can choose safe mode, w/ networking, w/ command line, debug, log, last known config.

I've tried all the safe modes and last known configuration, I don't know what the other things do.

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  1. I doubt it is malware, I have Eset nod32, as well as AVG, and I do regular scans. I recently checked with a tool provided by microsoft, and confirmed that I do not have the 'conficker' virus. I have not found a virus in over a year. The only thing that is ever picked up in the scans are tracking cookies, and various things that I download (stuff by Luigi Auriemma, for example) and compile.

    I just have to figure out how to turn off the /safeboot option that I modified in msconfig. I forgot to mention, that my disk is encrypted, so I undoubtedly run into problems. I am decrypting it now, but I have to use a disk image, and it is going at less than 1 percent an hour, and should be done in about 3-4 more days. I am thinking about using NTFS4DOS to access the boot.ini file, and delete/modify the safeboot setting, unless someone knows of an easier way?
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