network says connected but then says no connectivity

Can anyone please help? I spent hours yesterday trying to get my NETGEAR WGR614v6 to hook my hardwired
desktop to my wireless laptop. It appears I lost connetivity (for some reason) and the tech support I received from NETGEAR was not easy to understand. Anyway finally got internect connection through router on my desktop. Turned on my laptop and went to Network connections, available connection etc. My network was there, saying NOT CONNECTED next to the signal strenth, but underneath that, it states 'your network is connected, to disconnect click here' Is this an issue with IP addresses ? If that was the case, why am I able to connect to the internet via my router on my hardwired desktop? Does anyone have any suggestions ?
Really desperate here!
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  1. Your desktop and laptop might have different ways of obtaining an IP address. If DHCP is turned on on your router, it will hand out IP addresses to devices on that network. You can also tell each machine to use a specific address by looking in the TCP/IP properties of that specific network connection.

    Check to make sure your router has DHCP enabled and then tell your laptop and your desktop to automatically obtain their IP addresses. This is done from the TCP/IP properties I mentioned above.

  2. Is your laptop connected via the WIFI or direct cable. A simple check of network status is found here...
    Click start, run then type CMD and press enter.
    Then type ipconfig /all and press enter.
    It will list any adaptors that are enabled and also list if it is using DHCP. It will show the IP address, Subnet and Gateway. If you see a gateway anywhere, then try to ping it. Example, if the gwy address is, the type ping If it works, then you will see "Reply from" 4 times. If not, then it will "request timed out".
    If you are trying to use the WIFI, then plug a network cable directly from the laptop to the router and see if it works. Also, if your router is using DHCP, then check to see if your lan adaptor is set to use DHCP also. Right-click My Network Places and click properties. Right click Local Area Connection and click properties. Double click "Internet Protocol" and make sure that "obtain IP address automatically" and "obtain DNS automatically" are checked.
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