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Me and my family got a iphone, and a few itouchs since we all have different computers, what is the best way to "centralize" itunes. So all of the computers are the same.

I am running all Windowes 7 computers

This is my first time really using iTunes so I don't know much about it. Besides the basic sync stuff to an ipod/touch/phone

I have a few NAS drives and an always on computer acting as a file server (server 2008 OS). Available for a centralized database if needed

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  1. I forgot I posted this. anyways if any one is still interested in this. The best solution I found, it to put the itunes Library on a network shared.
    But first your need to got to the itunes preferences,(edit/Preferences) then Advanced tab and check copy files to iTunes Media folder when adding to library. note your itunes media folder location (you will need that next) Click ok and let it do its thing, Close ituens
    Then go to itunes media folder and copy it to your network share.
    When it is done open ituens again and hold the shift key before it starts, a window will pop up asking to change your itunes location. Click choose libary, go to you network share and open the library. once it opens you are running right off your network. now you can open this library on any computer with access to that share.

    And you are done, you can sync you idivices on any of the computers with access to your library with out having to set them up on every computer.

    Note, if you have two computer accessing the share at the same time, it can cause corruption in the library data files. So I limited my share so only one connection at a time can access it, to prevent this problem. ituens will simply complain it can't find the library, if it is already in use.
    Also if you have protected file, your have bought off of ituens, you can activate them on 5 computers at a time.
    ituens can become very slow, if your have a slow network connection (for example over Wireless)
    You can also use a external drive instead of a network share, and just plug it in to the computer you want to use.
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