A8N32-SLI Deluxe = lousy Vista experience

Hi everybody

I recently installed Vista Ultimate 32-bit on my system with an ASUS A8N32-SLI Deluxe motherboard, AMD Athlon64 3500+ processor, 2 gigs of Kingston HyperX DDR400 RAM, and a GeForce 7800 GT video card.

I installed newest nForce AMD drivers from NVIDIA.com, newest ForceWare video card drivers and a separate AC'97 sound card driver from Realtek.com since the audio didn't work out of the box!

I'm now stuck with a Vista system with stuttering audio, and this really disappoints me! I haven't found anything relevant regarding audio driver/issues at ASUS' website.

Does anyone here know of this issue? I also seem to have mouse lack issues regardless of settings.

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  1. Run windows update until it's all done.

    Assuming legal key, you will get the updates that fixes the sound stuttering.

    (at least they disappear on Creative cards)

    Personally though, 64bit worked Much better than the 32bit edition.
  2. Thanks for your kind reply, but the thing is that I did install all possible updates from Windows Update - yet nothing happened. There did not appear a hardware update for my sound card.
  3. You may be stuck with buying a separate sound card, like a Creative X-Fi. Don't get one of the Audigy series, as Creative only supports Vista with the X-Fi series. Hate to say it, but the Realtek on board audio doesn't handle Vista well at all.

    I also have a A8N32-SLI Deluxe and the on-board sound was a drag on the system. When using it, it runs off the cpu, so that if the cpu starts to get loaded up, everything slows down. Add that in to the fact that you've got a 3500+ cpu and things slow down in a hurry. If you haven't overclocked the cpu, you might try that and see if it helps.
  4. Odd, the windows updates appeared to update the windows driver system.
    Seeing how all stuttering just vanishes with one of the updates.

    Perhaps there are better drivers for your sound card from Nvidia.

    www.nvidia.com always has the freshest and certified drivers. Motherboard makers are usually relatively slow to get these drivers tweaked.
    And usually the mobo tweaks involve renaming stuff, and no real tweaks.
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