Installing my first SATAhd simple questions about dataTransf

Hi, I was planing on buying an internal sata hard drive (Western Digital Caviar SE16 WD3200AAKS 320GB 7200 RPM 16MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s)
And since itll be my first time using a SATA I have couple questions

First question:

I was thinking about using it at the beggining to connect it to my external sata connection(on back of my motherboard) will I be able to do so?

Second question:

Also I was thinking about moving all my data from 2 IDE drives (40GB, and a 200GB) to this drive, how should I go about doing so? will just a coppy/paste (after a format of the new drive) work? will that be a good way to do it?

Third question:
How should I go by with installing the drive? I read up that there is some need for pin changes on the motherboard(all my specs are in my sig) so i cant just plug the data/power cables in and be done with it(I wont be seting up any raid, since I will be only ordering only 1 sata drive.

Fourth wuestion:
Just out of curiosity, will I be able to use at the same time, my old 2 IDE hd's and the new sata hd plugges in? or there might be some issues

Thank You for any suggestions, even the shortest will help me out ;)
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  1. Addendum to first question: you can use a connection from your internal power supply to power the eSATA drive. You may need to buy a cable SATA to eSATA.

    Addendum to second question: You can use Acronis True Image to clone the drives. You can clone one hard drive and then copy the rest to the partition or you can have two partitions. You may need to expand the single partition with PartitionMagic or similar if there is space remaining.

    Addendum to fourth question: If you a spare IDE port on your motherboard you can run a mixed system with IDE and SATA drives.
    On some old motherboards, there were issues. Not anymore, I think.
  2. Thank You both for the fast reply, (I will order then the hd in couple minutes, since i read some reviews on it, and many stated that it was a good drive, atleast the OEm version of it, which I do intend on getting)

    So i guess i will go with the internal installation of the drive, and use one of my other drives(the smaller 40GB as an external/usb one, since i have a external cd/hd enclosure anyways.
  3. Hi, initially i was thinking just about using the drive for playing a bit with linux, and maby later on with Vista(since I do not want to use it as my main os) as an external drive. Later on I thought that It might be best to transfer all my data from my current 2 IDE hd's all into the SATA drive, since its faster, and it should be supposedly more reliable,(and the faster speeds would help out a bit with some gaming) so i guess i will use it as my main internal hd, and use the bigger(200Gb as a backup), and the smaller one just in case, as a portable one, I have just ordered a 320GB WD 16mb catch hard drive, and a external enclosure that supports both sata as well as IDE internal connections, and has a USB, as well as an eSATA output, so in any case i will be able to use both in that enclosure.

    So now i will just have to worry about a successful transfer of data to my new hd, my motherboard supports a drive to drive direct(hardware) imaging/backup, but since I do have only ide's to work with i doubt i will be able to use those.

    This will be my first sata drive, so I have honestly no knowledge about any sata setups, since so far I only used (PATA)IDE drives
  4. just got the drive and the enclosure couple days ago, does the Acronis software clone the original drive without issues? that is all teh data and the partition sizes? or should i make the partitions first then use acronis?

    thank You
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