Chrome sucks

After reading the article on how spectacular this browser is i headed over to the download links. I just installed and used this to browse the same 10 or so websites i go to every day. I was not impressed, at all. More often than not, i do not have a Keyboard infront of me, HTPC, so the MINOR and oh-so fixable problems i have encountered, hugely outweigh any, if any, benefits i'm supposed to see from this Internet Browser.

First thing i hate is no recent webaddress dropdown list. Both IE and MF have this ULTRA simple and helpful feature. But i guess because they have it, Google says we will short-come our users to spite the competition.

Second, No zoom on taskbar nor is there an option to put it there. I am forced to use my keyboard if i don't feel like opening the menu everytime to zoom a page, because the zoom setting doesn't transfer to different tabs, IE and Mozilla Firefox both do.

Something else i just noticed while using Chrome to post this thread. If you accidently hit the close button, no dialog box, no warning about closing multitabs, just closes. Nice.

Chrome equals fail in my book.
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  1. Chrome is lightweight, there is no doubt about that. For some it is preferable, for others like yourself, it's a deal killer. I do agree about the drop down arrow not being in the address bar, as it is frustrating when your use to surfacing the web as such.
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