My Computer Reset Itself on its own?


I have a custom built gaming computer with Windows XP Pro 64bit,

Today I started it up and clicked on my profile to log in and it gave me some pop up error saying profile cannot be located?
It took a long time for it to log me in...

After I logged in my Wallpaper had been changed to Windows Xp Pro 64 default but I still had all my software and games installed.

But all my documents, pictues, music, apple apps were all deleted.

Also when I opened internet explorer it acted like i just upgraded it, it said welcome to Internet Explorer 8 and I noticed that all my favorites, tabs and everything was all reset/ deleted.

I still have most of my software and games but some things did disappear...

I have no idea what caused this and im pretty sure it's not a virus because my AV (Bitdefender) does a scan every time im on the computer and it found nothing the last time I used my PC.

Please help me, Thanks.
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  1. I did a scan and it found a key logger so i removed it and restarted and now windows is back to normal...

    But my question is how could a key logger create a totally new profile to log in? N actuall y I kinda liked it all new cuz i got so much junk now lol...
  2. Keep always your AV/Antimalware update to stay away from these kind of problems!
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