Very Odd power problem

Hello guys,

I have seen to run into an unusal problem with my rig. When I turn it on, all the fans would spin for a very short amount of time, stop, then repeat. While this is happening, my rig is not posting.

I have tested the poewr supply and tried to power it up with another power supply but no help.

Is it my mobo? or CPU?

My rig:
Gigabyte S3 mobo
E6300 CPU @ 3.0
Antec Smartpower 2.0 500w
2GB ram - 4x512 DDR2-800
Windows Vista Ultimate
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  1. I ran some more test and oulled out my sound card and it posted! But the screen is all screwy with blue blocks everywhere. And after Windows loads, I get a BSOD that says "Dumping physical memory" and when it reaches 100% it would restart and repeat.

    Is my windows corrupeted or my hdd? Gonna try each stick of ram at a time.
  2. well the cold boot problem your describing (keeps restarting withouot posting) probably, almost certainly has nothing to do with anything other then either CPU, mob, or ram. And I would guess its a questionable BIOS setting. Try defaulting BIOS and running stock and go from there.

    Your BSOD's mey be the aftermath of a faulty overclock. If your OC is producing errors, those errors tend to get written into the system files eventually and a corrupt OS is what you get. THis is very common for experimantation of the OC.

    I would recommend running default and if that fixes your cold boot issue then see if your still get BSOD. If BSOD persists then format and reinstall your OS and run stock for a week or soo to see if the problem persists. If you cannot run stable at stock with a new OS install then you need to pull ALL unnecessary hardware to eliminate possible faulty cards. This means using onbaord sound, onboard lan, 1 mem stick, loose the extra fan, ect. Then get a volt meter and measure the actual voltages.

    It could be a power problem, what video card are you using? They are power hungry. I have personally had, going from single sided DIMMS to double sided DIMMS, put my pwr sply over the top. Took forever to figure out it was power
  3. I have resetted the BIOS and loaded factory defaults, but no cheese. I am suspecting either the ram or the mobo. Will be testing the ram when cousin brings over his tomorrow.
  4. Why don't you try updating the BIOS? I know, "if it's not broken, then don't fix it" philosophy is important, but give it a try, who knows
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