Connecting a wireless router to a wired router

So, my mother recently purchased a wireless capable laptop and we're looking to get a wireless router (Belkin N Wireless Router) hooked up to our regular wired router (Dlink EBR 2310). Looking for any help or tips on getting it setup.
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  1. Why not just replace the wired router with a wireless one?

  2. Me and my brother prefer to use the wired over wireless.
  3. A wireless router also has 4 wired network ports.

  4. Are there any known disadvantages or speed loss issues for wired connections on a wireless router?
  5. No, a wireless router is just a wired router that has a wireless access point also.

  6. Instead of buying a wireless router it would be cheaper just to buy a wireless access point and plug it into your wired router. Wireless access points are easy to setup, easier than a router in any case.
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