Building New Computer(Near complete parts list)

My first time building, opinions appreciated... I am trying to keep the price low, but there is no necessary limit.

HDD - Seagate 7200.10 300GB Sata - Already have
SoundCard - Not sure if I am going to have one off the bat, will probably wait until I find the best deal.
Video Card - Haven't picked one yet, any suggestions? Not planning on SLI off the bat, is it worth it?

Any thoughts/Suggestions?

A few concerns, - CPU cooling, do I really need to replace stock fan? I'm not planning on overclocking, for a while anyway.

Ram - Mobo only rated for 1.8 volts while ram is 2.2v. Everything I've researched says it should work fine, is this correct?

PSU- 620 volts is safe correct? Or do I not even need that much and a 520 would do?

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  1. 520 will probably do in this case. If you don't oc the stock fan will be ok but if you do you will need aftermarket cooling. As for the video card the 320mb 8800gts is a good choice and $285 here
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