Ie8 32-bit won't launch, 64-bit fine

os = vista64 sp1

when click on ie8 32-bit, cursor turns to hourglass for 1 sec and then back to pointer - nothing happens. i click it a hundred times and nothing. no errors and no browser. when i click on ie8 64-bit icon, browser launches right away - no issues except no flash for 64-bit.

i had the same problems with ie7 but they went away when i upgraded to ie8. nothing was done to pc (no installs) but i did have several check disks performed (samsung hard drives suck balls). i really liked ie8 but now almost useless. what happened and how to fix? the real kicker is i went to do a system restore and there were zero restore points. i was pretty upset.

any ideas on things to check would be greatly appreciated. i went to the x86 ie directory and clicked on the exe directly and still nothing. i even unistalled ie8 upgrade and reinstalled and nothing changed. how to restore the 32-bit browser version? is my only choice firefox or 64-bit browser?
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  1. Im guessing you are using start menu/desktop shortcuts to open IE
  2. yes, and to make sure that the path was correct, i went into the x86 and found the 32-bit exe and tried clicking that as well.

    i don't know what caused it. however, i installed vista sp2 last night and now the 32bit versions works fine. i did also make sure i have several system restore points with it working. it seems pretty weird but for now i am good.

  3. Yeah i have seen this before usually caused by copying and moving these shortcuts. Glad you got it working!!!
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