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I am running Windows XP and about two months ago I lost the ability to right click with the mouse. The alternative menu does not show up and I have reinstalled the Logicon Optical mouse software but no change. When I try to right click, for example, on the Recycle Bin from the desktop, no menu shows up. I cannot pull up any alternative menus within the MICROSOFT application familty (Word / Excel / Outlook / Powerpoint - very annyoying. Any help would be appreciated
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  1. it may be time to replace you mouse.. do it works fine with other PC's
  2. Thanks for replying. It appears that the right button is slow in responding. If I press the button towards the very top of the button, I can get the alternative menu to appear. If I press the button near the center or towards the lower end of the button, the alternative menu will not appear. I may be time for a new mouse. Thanks again
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