D975XBX2 two graphics cards in PCI-E x16 and x4?


I understand that if you install two graphics cards on this intel board, in the first and second slots, both slots will run in x8 mode. But I am wondering if you can install two cards, one in the first slot and one in the third slot, and the first card would run in x16 mode, and the other card would run in x4 mode?

Since I only want to power a third monitor with the second card, I don't care about performance, but I would like as much performance as possible out of the main graphics card, so I don't want to sacrifice half of its slot's bandwidth if I don't have to.

Is it possible to setup the graphics cards in the first and third slots to achieve higher performance on the first card? Does the BIOS care? Has anyone done this?


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  1. If you are installing two PCI Express Graphics cards, install them in the Primary PCI Express x16 (electrical x16 or x8) bus add-in card connector and the Secondary PCI Express x16 (electrical x8) bus add-in card connector.
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