16 bit ms-dos subsystems

there are are 5 systems in my office network, now a days, sometimes a pop-up is visible with message

"16 bit ms-dos subsystems, C;\WINDOWS\System32\9xzv5.exe, The NTVDM cpu has encountered an illegal instruction, CS:0521 IP:021e OP:63 75 6d 65 6e choose "close" to terminate the application"

and this pop-up is visible in all systems in same time, actually i want to know what is this ?? even after formated one of the system, the pop-up is visible again, i also installed bit defender total secirity on my system but the pop-up is still visible again and agian after 10 or 20 minutes. so plzzzzzzzz some one help me and tell me what is this and how to solve this problem. is it a virus kind of thing or what ?
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  1. Since an internet search of "9xzv5.exe" came up empty, I suspect you have a nasty file.
    What AV program do you use?
    Recommend reporting the pop-up information to them.
    It could be a new bug or you could just have someone on staff mad at you.
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