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I have this Gateway computer that came preassembled as I could save money on it at the time. I have since replaced the ram, case, power supply, and graphics card so only the motherboard, cpu, and hard drive remain. I like the hard drive, but it has Vista premium 64 bit on it which came with the computer. I was wondering if I could replace my motherboard and still use my existing hard drive with it. Would it boot? Would I need to hassle with microsoft activation or what? I have seen mixed results for Xp, but I'm not sure what the deal is with Vista as of yet. The computer came with a cd, but I'm not sure if it would even install without recognizing the Gateway motherboard.

edit: I probably should tell the hardware. The hard drive is a 640gb Western Digital, the motherboard to be replaced is a Gateway AM2 with a x16 slot (sorry no model #), and the the motherboard to replace with is a
ASUS M4A78-E Motherboard.
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  1. changing the mobo will require a reinstall, as you are changing the system in a big way, all the drivers will be set for your old mobo and may make the computer crash. My recomendation would be back up for data and reinstall!
  2. You need to uninstall, or change to generic, all hardware drivers, then shut down.

    install the new motherboard.

    boot from your vista CD, and do a REPAIR install.

    Plenty of references on the web.

    Google: "change motherboards without reinstalling windows"
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