Asus pc won't boot after bios update

after flashing the bios the pc went to the cmos i saved all the settings and exited then nothing, it wont boot nothing comes up on the screen at all, just poweres up but nothing else

asus p4s533mx
samsung 300gb hdd
corsare pc 2700 2gb
intel p4 2667
hp300n dvd wr
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  1. Three possabilities:
    1) You forgot to clear the CMOS after flashing.
    2) You down-loaded and flashed the wrong BIOS/version.
    3) The flashing failed.

    For 1) just clear CMOS and reconfigure it, for 2) and 3) order a new BIOS chip.
  2. thanks ill try to clear the cmos. as far as 2 and 3 it said it worked and i dl it from asus for my mb
  3. i cleared the cmos and checked all the settings, the bios sees all my components but when i save and exit it just goes to a black screen and stays there
  4. Hi logan705!,
    I also have an asus mobo and after upgrading the bios version the same thing happened to me. So when u say you have cleared all the components i take it you mean you have already tried

    1) Take the cmos battery out
    2) Move the cmos memory jumper thing from 1and 2, to 2 and 3 for 10-15 seconds
    3) Reinstall the battery

    If you have done that (it didnt work for me)

    Does your motherboard have a speaker on the motherboard??
    If it does take out the ram from the motherboard and then boot your computer up and if you get 3 beeps that means the bios is still working! If not then you might have damaged your mobo.
    I didnt have a speaker onboard so i was not sure!! I borrowed a different stick of ram from my friend and that seemed to do the trick !! So try it out and tell me how everything goes!
  5. ok so i took it to my local computer store and they loaded the cmos with the defaults and it loaded up fine. so i take it home and hook it up to my sony flat panel and it does the same thing as it did b4. obviously its something with my tv although it used to work fine on it, any ideas? besides go buy a tiny computer moniter
  6. I figured it out for some reason my tv dosn't see the log boot screen all i had to do was hit F1, thanks anyway
  7. ok i have another question. the whole reason i even flashed the bios is because windows kept restarting for no reason usually when i was surfing the internet and downloading something at the same time. so basically what i have done is sucessfully updated the bios to the latest one and did a fresh install of windows. any ideas would b helpfull
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