OCing with 533 RAM vs 667 on E6600, GA-P965-S3

Hi Guys

Im going to be buying a new PC soon:
and 2 x 1gig Kingston 533mhz DDR2 RAM

my question is:
I plan to OC the E6600 in the future, nothing too insane, maybe in the future ill buy an aftermarket Cooler and OC some more but not right now.

Thing is, will the fact that im getting 533mhz RAM make a problem for OCing my E6600? i heard somewhere (not sure if its fact) that the S3 cant OC the RAM and CPU assyncronously to each other...and if im correct OCing 533mhz RAM compared to 667mhz ram wouldnt be ideal (ie. the 677 would OC better???)

I wanted the 533mhz RAM coz ive seen benchmarks and they show that 533mhz RAM is BETTER than 677mhz ram because of the 1066mhz FSB. the 533mhz RAM is just a little bit cheaper than the 667 (but will perform better) but its LOADS cheaper than 800mhz RAM

I'm not willing to buy 800mhz RAM coz its simply too expensive and im on a budget here, i can get the 533mhz RAM for half the price of 800mhz RAM, so please dont suggest buying 800mhz RAM for OCing.

I need some advice here guys
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  1. The main reason for choosing higher-rated memory is to keep the timings 1:1 with the fsb.

    With no OC, 533MHz would be the best choice as the stock FSB for a 965/975 motherboard is 266MHz - 1:1 with memory running at double data rate (ddr)

    If you go for 667MHz memory, then at 1:1 timings, you should in theory be able to achieve:

    667 / 2 = 333MHz fsb x9 (E6600 multiplier) = 3GHz

    As you are planning to oc on air with stock hs, then 3GHz is a reasonable target, and I would suggest going for the 667MHz memory.

    If you choose to buy the 533MHz, then you will most likely need to drop the ratio, but this would result in a minimal drop in performance (probably not noticeable in real world applications).

    Edit: I just realised you mentioned that the motherboard may not be able to run the memory asynchronously with the fsb. There are very few motherboards that are capable of doing this to my knowledge.

    Running asynchronously means that the memory bus frequency is independent of the fsb frequency.

    Most motherboards, whilst running synchronously with the fsb (i.e. there is a relationship between the 2), do provide the functionality to manually define either the ratio between the fsb and memory bus or allow you to define a lower memory frequency (generally from a list of options that relate to setting a ratio between fsb and memory).
  2. Does anyone know if i can infact OC the CPU independantly to the RAM on the P965-S3 Mobo? or set a different ratio that would work with 533mhz RAM?
  3. I changed my RAM to 66mhz RAM coz its a extremely minimal price difference and i realised that the OCing capability of the 667Mhz RAM far outweighs the price difference and small performance increase of the 533mhz RAM with the 1066mhz FSB.

    Thanks for the Advice.
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