first build for AGES ,need some expert advice!

hi everyone, Its finally time for me to build a new PC and i need some help.
I have built pcs from scratch before but its been quite some time and i havent really been following hardware recently.It will be getting used both for video editing and gaming.I would also like to learn more about overclocking , i have never overclocked before but would like to start (gotta start somewhere!)nothing massive to begin with just as long as its good and stable!

heres a list (incomplete) of a few of the components im looking at
all your ideas are very welcome ;

case silverstone tj09 -nice airy case- rendering causes things to get hot! especially if its rendering for 24+hours

cpu Intel Core 2 Duo E6700 2.67Ghz ?
cpu cooler ANY IDEAS???
motherboard Asus P5N32-E SLI? --im looking for a reasonable overclocker+sli option for a future 2nd 8800
memory ?????help need here??? 2 gig dual channel minimum
powersupply Zalman ZM600-HP 600W ATX Heatpipe Cooled PS
GFX nvidia 8800gtx/gts ??
hard drive WD 500g x2
dvd writer asus sata

one last thing,, i live in wellington, New Zealand . the total price for all those components is roughly $3500 NZ dollars , my budget isnt too tight but please dont suggest a component if its the super top maximum part as i dont want to have to sell any limbs :)
thanks for your time
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  1. good overall selections imo. As for the cpu cooler if your going to do some good overclocking the thermalright ultra 120 extreme is the best out there. Memory i would go with some gskill, patriot, or corsair. I would go for the 8800 gtx but you may want to rethink your power supply maybe adding another 100 watts if your thinking about overclocking, getting a 8800 gtx, and the two hard drives. but everything else looks good, nice build, and good luck!
  2. i had my doubts about that power supply. if i was to go for sli do i need a SLI certified power supply?

    any ideas , i really would like a modular one as i always keep a nice tidy case! 700watts+ ?
  3. so many views so few replies,,, whats wrong with me> am i hideous? 8O

    i know you see these sorts of post all the time but i would really appreciate your comments /opinions!

    Also i have read about the upcoming intel price cuts and releases(E6850 etc)
    Is it worth waiting ,bear in mind that will take a while longer to filter down into New Zealand i imagine.
  4. i think i have decided to go with the striker extreme ?
    any thoughts on this board or another option perhaps?
  5. Hey Barry,

    Overall, your build looks great. Like a previous poster said, you might want to consider a new power supply. If your're pressed on getting a computer now, you'll be happy with the build. There are always going to be price cuts in the CPU world, some nearer than others, but you just have to be happy, because you can play the waiting game for a..long time. Anyways, the Striker Extreme is good based on reviews. I don't own one personally, but I do own a 680i eVGA board, and I'm extremely happy with it, and their customer service, but as you are living in New Zealand, I wouldn't expect much from their customer service based on their forums.

    On the processor - Unless you aren't going to overclock, I would suggest the e6600. It's cheaper, and when overclocking can reach higher than the e6700, saving you money. Although you're new at it, I would suggest an e6600, still.

    For the RAM - Most RAM is good when buying from a good, well known brand. I would suggest DDR2-800 memory if you are overclocking, instead of the DDR2 667. I wouldn't really know what's available in New Zelana,d but Corsair, Crucial, G.Skill, OCZ are all good, well known brands here in the US.

    The hard drives seem fine. You might want to get a 10k RPM raptor if you really want the fastest load times for your games and OS, but that isn't necessary. For storage, I Would suggest the 7200.10 Seagate Barracuda's with Perpendicular Recording technology. Fast, and they aren't too expensive, at least in the US.

    If you are going to wait, I might suggest you wait for the P35 chipset from Intel. It will be more futureproof supporting the newest Penryn Processors from Intel which will come out later on, and have support for DDR3 memory.

    About Sli - I wouldn't plan on SLi'ing in the future unless it's a couple months down the road. Usually there is 1 card you can buy that will beat your SLi setup, and is usually a better bargain, although I would still keep an SLi board for future options.
  6. heres a few changes i have made:

    power supply Raidmax RX-650-24P 650W
    Ram G.Skill HZ Series Dual Channel kit 2x 1GB PC2-6400 DDR2
    still unsure on the motherboard..? Any ideas?

    another question, i want to get a new monitor i was thinking 22 wide lcd,
    and want to know if its gonna do well enough with a 8800gtx since 22 lcd res is a maximum of 1680x1050 ?

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