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Error... any ideas

Last night I re-installed my audio driver to fix a few in-game issues I was experiencing. While this corrected the initial problem it caused another. When I boot I am now greeted by Rthdcpl.eaccessviolation. I understand this to be the Realtech HD control panel.
Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can fix this? I tried searching for answers but I cannot find a solution that will work.

Vista 32 sp2

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  1. bueller....bueller
  2. oh really !!!
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    If I remember correctly you can turn the Realtek control panel off.
    Its listed as HD audio control in msconfig|startup.
    Mine is turned off and has been from day one with no problems.
  4. Hmm I looked and didn't see it in config but I will check again as it was really late at night.

    Thanks for the help Pat... Pat Mcgroin that is. lol
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