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can someone kindly help - I just assembled my first PC (based on Asus p5w DH) and was quite pleased to get everything up-and-running relatively quickly including Windows XP SP2. Things were working fine until I downloaded the Windows updates to XP Pro SP2 - one day later when I switched on my PC I could not get the ASUS WiFi-AP Solo to work, I get a grey screen with the Wifi-AP solo logo.

WiFi seems to work as the Windows Wireless Lan util detects the network (however it fails to Connect !)

I've tried to re-install the drivers with no success

Has anybody encountered this problem ?

My system is as follows:

Asus P5W DH Deluxe
Intel E6700
Corasir 2 Twin 2x2048-6400 c4 DHX 4 GB
Saphyre x1650 pro 512 MB pci-e
2 x 250 GB Western Digital SE-16
Corasir HX620
Antec P182
XP Pro SP2

My BIOS version is the original the board came with, version 2004.

Appreciate any suggestions
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  1. Hi there,

    Sorry, I don't have an answer but the same problem. My new pc is connected to the internet by cable and I want to use my Asus P5KE WiFi mobo's wireless card (the Solo whatever) as the Access Point for wifi connection in the house. I've been trying to get it to work for at least 10 hours over the last few days to no avail.
    Internet access works on the pc, the wireless card is connected and working and even my laptop shows it is connected to the network...but I cannot get internet access on the laptop.

    I run XP Pro SP2 on the pc and Vista Home Premium on the laptop. The "Network and Sharing Center" diagram on the laptop shows the laptop connected to the unidentified network (the one I set up) but no connection from the network to the internet. But the pc shows the wireless card connected and working properly!!!

    To reach that point, I have to have Windows Firewall off or I don't even show a connection between the laptop and the pc, even when I allow it through th firewall set up.... Soooooo annoying!

    It appears there is a problem coming from the mobo's wireless somehow as I've read complaints on other forums that are at least a year old. So I'm wondering if Asus or anyone has figured out how to get this damn wireless to work properly. I do have the latest driver (2006) installed.
  2. What's it come up with when you run the Wireless Connection Wizard?
  3. Everything shows as connecting properly (cable to pc, wifi to pc connection and laptop to wifi network) except the laptop shows no connection from network to internet... I'm trying to get Asus to get back to me but their customer service quality is appalling (bad web links, no answer to phones).
    And I thought ASUS was a company I could have confidence in! Had I known I would have bought a board from another supplier (which I may still do because I've only had this board a couple of weeks).
  4. Sorry, I'm a little confused. Is the PC connected to the Internet and NetworK? Are you having a problem connecting both the PC and laptop? Are you using a wireless router? If you're using a wireless router and getting nothing connected, suggest you reset the router to the factory default. There should be a button on the back, may be reset, and if you hold that in, it will reset it including the login name and password so be sure you have that. Then do a new set up of the network starting with the machine hardwired to the router and run the Network Connection Wizard on the PC. Once you have the connection, run the Wireless Connection Wizard on the laptop. Sounds like SP2 changed some of your network settings. Agree ASUS support leaves something to be desired although calling their RMA number they are very good, have had to RMA a couple of boards over the years. In fact they have a program where you can give them your credit card and they cross shop but haven't used it. Not sure if any of the other mobo mfgs are any better.
  5. Sorry for being confusing. The ASUS P5KE-WIFI is a mobo with integrated wireless card (comes with a little antenna). So, my pc is connected to the web through the cable modem and the wireless card is meant to be the Access Point for my other wireless laptops.
    On the start menu icons I see that my wireless AP (ASUS Solo) is connected with "excellent" signal strength.
    However, the laptops are not connecting to the network that I created, although sometimes they do and sometimes they don't, but they never connect to the web because either way the laptops are showing a connection to the network AP but no connection to the web (supposedly broken from the pc to the web). Makes no sense!
    I did talk with a tech support at ASUS who was not able to fix the problem. He is sending me the latest driver update but I don't expect it to work either (I have it installed already!)....all very frustrating!
  6. If I have this right, the ASUS is acting as your wireless "router" for the laptops. At least with a router, the easiest thing to do is reset it to the factory setting and start over by reinstalling the network. Can you do with the ASUS? For some reason I thought that board just had an onboard wireless card, didn't know it acted as "router". I guess if the driver update doesn't help and you don't want to RMA the board, you could just get a wireless router.
  7. Good point you're making about the router aspect of this board. I am assuming it is acting as a router and getting its connectivity from the Local Area connection I have with the cable linked to the Comcast modem. This could have been a wrong assumption, except that I did manage once to connect a laptop to the network I had set up but have never been able to replicate.
    But I believe the problem is the router element of this board. I do get my internet connection with the cable, I do show the onboard Wifi is connected and I sometimes am able to connect the laptops to the network but (except for once) the routing function between the onboard wifi and the ethernet cable is malfunctioning.
    I sense that ASUS will never admit to a faulty hardware or software and that it would ultimately be easier to "just" go buy a wireless router and take the loss...
  8. Is there any way to clear the WIFI/network settings an try a clean install of the network. It sounds to me like a network setting. Have you tried googling something like no WIFI connection? Updated drivers might work. Also, could try clearing the CMOS and see if there are any BIOS updates given it's on the mobo. Never had any directly experience with onboard WIFI so off of the top of my head suggestions. If you have done so, check out the ASUS or an ASUS forum, sure not the only one that's run into this. Be interested in seeing what the solution is. Could just RMA the board, ASUS is good about this as I said
  9. Ok, here's what happened in the last 24h...
    Fed up with the lack of progress with this, I went out and purchased a wireless router from Trendnet. Got home, set the thing up and hold and behold... similar problem: unable to get the laptop to connect to the new device. I gave up after a couple of hours and called them up this morning. We spent at least an hour and 4 calls to figure the problem out and solved it.
    You are correct about the network setting issue. It turns out the Comcast modem is also a router (I get my VOIP calls through it). As such, the wifi router needs to be bridged to the modem in order to connect properly.
    So now the question is: do I disconnect the new external router and attempt to connect the onboard wireless card to see if it works? I admit that the prospect of it not working and not being able to figure out how to reset it properly on the external router makes me want to forget it!
  10. I"m of 2 minds, one irrational and the 2nd rational. First the irrational, I would try to set up the WIFI just to see if I could get it to work. The rational would be to leave it as is. There are several advantages to keeping the router. Sooner or later you will be replacing the ASUS and even if you plan on keeping it as a backup, you may not want to use as your "router". Second, if you have discreet parts, much easier to troubleshoot. Three, if sometime in the future you want to add components, especially something that is hardwired like a printer router, you'll be able to do it, i.e., the router gives you more options, or at least makes it easier to implement them. I have the ASUS P5K E on a Wish List and was thinking the WIFI was basically a wireless card, it would be a nice feature. Now that I know how it works, appreciate the education :) , I wouldn't bother with it. In the P5K E serious the WIFI is only $10 more so not using it would not be a big deal but not sure what the price difference is between the board you got with and the same board without it. But this all has to do with feelings, which I think should alway come second to functionality in cases like this. To be succinct, I'd keep the router. On the upside, you gained a lot of networking device knowledge. :bounce: Glad you got it worked out and really appreciate you sharing this info
  11. thanks g-paw for listening. This has been a nightmare and if anything I have learned that I detest the networking aspect of IT which is far too finicky for me. If it hadn't been for my wife's needed access to the web for her laptop I'd have given up on it several hours ago.
    I built my gaming pc a couple of weeks ago which was also a first and a far easier project than the WiFi setup.
    My feeling about the integrated WiFi is that it seemed a neat cable/device free idea originally but it's not worth the trouble considering the many complaints I have read on other forums about it.
    Until next time...
  12. I have a problem too, I have vista 64-bit intalled as OS. But the shame is when i play online games like counter strike or call of duty i allways have like 1 second lag (very big) each 3-5 minutes. While there's nobody using the internet only me, and still i have that stupid lag. Does every WiFi connection does this ? or only mines?
    It is very anoying fraging everybody like a machine but then like before the corner lag and there comes the enemy and shoots me dead while i can't do nothing... Please help!! :(
  13. Suggest you start a new topic, will get more responses. Sorry, can't answer your question
  14. ♠A last update on the topic: A solution offered on another forum that is said to work is to download the driver and utilities directly from Realtek (RTL8187L) and uninstall the ASUS driver/utilities.
    I still haven't got the courage to try it again now that I have an external wireless router working properly. Good luck!
  15. I've read a number of post recently regarding people having problems with onboard audio downloading and installing the audio drivers from Realtek and fixing the problem. Haven't seen anything re WIFI drivers. Would agree, if your wireless router is working, the WIFI doesn't really matter given you're not using it anyway. In addition, if the problem had to do with your network settings, i.e., bridging, don't see how drivers would address this, would still have to bridge
  16. ok this is probly a little late...but i encountered similar troubles with the wifi on my P5k-e. the only real solution i found, was to uninstall the ASUS WiFi AP Solo wizard thingy, then go into the software cd that came with the motherboard, and reinstall it, then use the wizard to create a new network and it should work fine, did for me anyway....i think the software can be a bit tempermental, some times the network will just drop out? oh well first ever post so hope that helps
  17. I dont get it I have this annoying problem.
    I connect with the asus MB wifi but it drops the connection constantly
    especially when logging into counterstrike
    the **** drivers are newer than any listed for WIN 2K ont the asus site
    btw they have tons of confusing drivers
    its starting to feel as bad as the ati support site.
    asus sucks. good idea but crap follow through.
  18. SORTED !!
    I was having problems with the Asus Wifi-AP Solo on my P5B-MX...
    it turns out that there is more than one chipset used. Mine uses the GA821 chip NOT the Realtek RTL8187....

    Downloaded & installed the latest VISTA drivers for the GA821 and instant success....!!!
    Hope this helps !!!
  19. ASUS P5E3 Deluxe WiFi-AP @n XP
    Install saga w/Wifi-AP Solo
    New system w/old OS, performed a Repair-Install of XP MCE2005 SP2, booted up... no BSOD's, All the ASUS drivers (including WiFi Solo) installed fine.
    Connected via the WiFi; everything Groovy!!!
    Decided to do a Fresh install:
    All Drivers loaded except Wifi-AP Solo Driver... Installed OS again and same result. Copied driver off the CD to the HDD, downloaded (via LAN) new driver still No Joy...Until
    Decided to go ahead with MS updates; SP3 - reboot
    Back to Microsoft Updates; and under Hardware it listed a different Driver for WiFi Solo Manufacturers Driver I suspect - (Ralink Technology, Inc. 802.11n v1.0.5.0 November, 11 2007 (Microsoft Windows Hardware Compatibility Publisher))
    Ran all the available updates including the WiFi Solo and Viola... Wireless connection popped right up.
    Hope this helps someone, Thanks tom's
  20. Hi Guys,
    I have problem using my WiFi-Ap solo antenna, when i connect it to the antenna port, the AIR LED status shows OFF, meaning that the Power is OFF or no wireless conection. I have a LAN conection and i have installed all drivers that i found... i`m using Win Vista 32Bit.
    I`m concen more about that the LAS is not blinking at all. What do u think about that is the problem in the driver, or the OS , or in the antenna.
    Now when i`m turning my PC on , there is a message that i have to install an Ethernet driver...but the system can`t find any.
  21. i'm using P5W DH's Wifi-AP solo
    had the same problem, NB connected but no internet
    after 3 days investigating and reinstalling the computer, i have the root cause...
    not the windows firewall, my anti-virus (NOD32) firewall
    soon as i turn that off, everything works as it should...
    hope this helps.
  22. lunar916 said:
    i'm using P5W DH's Wifi-AP solo
    had the same problem, NB connected but no internet
    after 3 days investigating and reinstalling the computer, i have the root cause...
    not the windows firewall, my anti-virus (NOD32) firewall
    soon as i turn that off, everything works as it should...
    hope this helps.

    Can you say me which draivers you use.
  23. Has anyone atached a different Antenna to their? I pulled the wire off the AP Solo antenna by accident. Now need to find an antenna that will work with the Asus M2N32-SLI Deluxe Wireless Edition. Any suggestions?
  24. Just wanted to tell everybody that the Asus WiFi-AP solo IS NOT A WIRELESS ROUTER. It says everywhere on Asus' website that it is just a plain-ol' Access Point (at least for my M2N32 SLI DELUXE, it does)!
    This doesn't mean that you can' get it to work as a router, thought. I'm not sure if the drivers and WiFi utility offers a software router (haven't found it anywhere). I did, however, find a lot of stuff about configuring it AS AN ACCESS POINT.
    To configure a wireless router on your WinXP PC via the WiFi-AP Solo (AP as in access point), you have to first set the WiFi adapter in AP mode and then use something like Internet Connection Sharing in XP and share your Internet adapter to the WiFi adapter (hope that makes sense). However, ICS is known to have some bugs in it's implementation of the DHCP protocol, which serves up local network addresses (it will setup as the IP of the WiFi card on the PC, which will then be served to the wireless clients as the Gateway and DNS - actually a DNS proxy, which might also be buggy; the wireless clients (laptop) will get IP addresses in the same network as the Gateway i.e, 192.168.0.x).
    So, if anyone has been having problems AFTER installing some WinXP updates or SP2/SP3 for the operating system, do not blame the wireless card! It's the bugs that come with the Microsoft's updates that are to blame.

    Also, if you have Windows XP in the PC serving WiFi Internet, the Firewall is known to be in conflict with the WiFi AP driver. (If the drivers do offer router support, then it has A NAT part that probably doesn't work via the Windows Firewall - see below for a similar solution that requires disabling the firewall).
    The conclusion: Windows XP or Windows Vista are not good at Internet Connection Sharing, not even on a wired network. If you want to have no problems setting up your PC as a wireless router, you will need to use Windows Server (2003 I think is the latest version), or read on for a more techie solution.

    That doesn't meant you can't use XP, though... but you'd have to be really techie to make it work. Here are some steps:

    Main (required steps)
    * disable Internet Connection sharing / Windows Firewall service(s) - they are the same service in XP and separate in Vista. I think you need to disable both services in Vista (I have XP at home).
    * manually setup NAT using the netsh command (google "how to setup NAT with netsh" or something similar). You can esily add network adapter to the NAT server as public shared (internet) or private (local network) interfaces by the names they have in Network Places...

    Optional steps (read on!):
    * Install third party DHCP server software (TinyDHCP is one of them, though I think it's shareware). This is optional if you want to assign static IP addresses to the wireless client(s)
    * Install third party DNS Proxy/Server software (this was the buggy part of Windows ICS). I couldn't find any that was free, so I just used statically-configured OpenDNS on the wireless clients. This means I also didn't need the DHCP software in the previous post, although I could've used it and told it to give away the OpenDNS IPs as automatic configuration for the clients, but it was easier and safer to just assign everything manually, because I could use Windows Network via IP instead of NEtBIOS names which is also buggy in Ad-Hoc Networking (where there is no WINS server).
    * Install Samba and configure it as a WINS Server on a linux PC. You could then offer it's IP address as automatic WINS server via the DHCP server installed above.

    ...or, you could just get a wireless router. :)
  25. hi there, I have the Asus P5Q3 WiFi motherboard, and my WiFi AP Solo worked ok with my Vista O.S. but now I installed Windows 7 and downloaded the latest version of WiFi Ap directly from Asus website, and it is a bit different the program, and I cannot make it work. I mean, my laptop receives the signal sent, bun cannot have internet acces. Please HELP!!!
  26. Found a fix that will HOPEFULLY help most on here!!!!! I'm running Windows XP Pro 32bit sp2 (added SP3 then ALLL updates) on an Asus P5WDH Deluxe Motherboard with the AP WIFI Solo unit... I had a similar issue where I was going thru the lonnnnng process of re-installing all my programs (following a recent system crash) & then reinstalling the MANY MANY Windows Updates since SP3. Prior to the point I installed ALL of the windows updates, my WI-FI AP Solo was working fine.... Had it set as an access point to allow my wifi printer AND my blackberry to connect to my computer via wifi for internet connection sharing/etc... Well after I installed every single one of the 10 million Windows updates, my system rebooted & I suddenly could not access my wifi from the blackberry & my system stated that my HP WIFI printer (Model J4680C) was "offline"...

    What threw me was that the little wifi icon was still showing up in the bottom right-hand corner of the system tray... BUT when I right-clicked on it & opened "network connections" bingo, now the little "hand" was not showing on my Local Area Connection icon (thus indicating that my internet connection was no longer being shared)... Why this had anything to do with my blackberry/printer no longer catching the wifi signal, I don't know... But heres how I fixed the problem (be advised theres SEVERAL ways to get to this same place, this is just the way I happened to go :-)

    1. I went to start menu>settings>printers and faxes
    2. I highlighted my printer
    3. I selected "set printer properties" on the left

    I unfortunately wasn't taking notes so the rest is slightly blurry, but basically from that point, the system walked me thru a wizard for sharing my internet connection, printers & documents... As you probably already have figured out, somehow the internet connection sharing was turned off after the windows updates completed, & for whatever weird reason this messed up the wifi... Well after I completed the wizard, everything was back to normal, the little "hand" showed up on my internet connections icon in network connections & the little hand showed up under my printer as well.... Now I can connect my blackberry to my wifi & my wifi printer works again!!!! Soooo happy I fixed this. Had a similar problem the other day on a 2nd (new, preparing to install) hard drive but didn't know the fix...

    ANOTHER ROUTE (probably best for those unlike myself who do not have a wifi printer):

    2. RIGHT-CLICK on the Local Area Connection Icon which usually connects your computer to the internet
    3. Select "Properties" on the menu that comes up, then select the "advanced" tab at the top
    4. In the "Internet Connection Sharing" section in the center, check the option that says "Allow other network users to connect thru this computers Internet connection"
    5. It may walk you thru a wizard but just carefully indicate which computer connects directly to the internet, which connections (in my case the wifi AP solo device) will share that internet connection to other computers/devices, select the option to share printers/documents, let it finish the process & you should be back up!!!!

    This post is suuuuper old & I know i'm probably one of only a few who still uses Windows XP Pro (only going to put Windows 7 on my NEW build), but I hope this helps SOMEONE!!! Goodluck
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