Weird hardrive problem.......plz help

OK i've got another stupid weird hardrive problem.

Yesterday i bought a new Western Digtal 1TB SATA HDD and installed it with XP in my PC.

I already have 2 other SATA hardrives installed and since my new hardrive is a whooping 1TB, i figured i don't need the other 2, so i thought i'll take them out as my PC will use less power and produce less heat. My PC ventilation isn't very good because the case is small and everything is so close together and having 3 hardrives will produce some amount of heat so i just need one.

OK so here's the retarded part of the problem, when i removed the other 2 and tried to boot it showed me this error message:

"Reboot or select appropriate boot device or insert boot media in selected boot"

I don't know why it keeps showing up, i've never been able to boot even once successfully with the 2 other hardrives taken out. But when i put them back in, i can boot up my 1TB hardrive fine.

Because all 3 of them are SATA hardrives, i don't use any jumpers so they should boot up individually without any other hardrives in conjunction. I tried booting each individual hardrive without the other 2 and they all work fine except the 1TB HDD.

But it boots fine with no problem in slow speed or anything when i have the other 2 hardrives installed.

I also noticed that when i boot just the 1TB hardrive alone, it showed up in the BIOS post messages that there is "No Hardisk". I don't understand why, i checked the BIOS settings and sure my 1TB hardrive is detected and all the settings in the "Boot Device" option in my BIOS showed the correct settings with the 1TB hardrive being detected, i just don't get why i can't boot it by itself without the other 2.

Anyway that's about it, plz help me. I don't want to reinstall my 1TB hardrive coz i've installed heaps of stuff on it already, in fact over 100GB so i don't wanna do a reinstall or anything related to that, thanks.
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  1. oh btw this is just another side question, i posted a problem about the slow speed of my hardrive a while ago and got it solved and it was due to the DMA mode not set to max, as my hardrive was set to PIO mode instead.

    But lately it's getting slow again and i checked the settings for the "Primary IDE Channel" as well as the "Secondary IDE Channel" and they're both set to DMA Mode 5, but the windows startup loads rly slow again now and i tried resetting the DMA mode back and redo everything again but it's not working..............

    any ideas?

    btw I noticed that the hardrive that has this problem (Seagate 320GB SATA HDD) doesn't have a jumper port, well it does but jumper ports have 8 pins, 4 on the top and 4 on the bottom, correct? Well it only has 4 pins and yes it's a SATA HDD for sure. I'm thinking, maybe it's a different sort of SATA HDD so that's y the speed isn't normal or very fast?
  2. The reason it wont boot is that the boot files are on one of the drives that you took out.
    Most likely it is the one that has the windows files on it.

    If the new drives do have the correct files on it then make sure it is plugged into sata port 1. to see if it boots.
  3. yup it is plugged into SATA port 1 and why will the boot files be on one of my other 2 hardrives? I formatted my 1TB hdd and installed XP on it, it has all the necessary system files on it like the Windows folder etc..........
  4. Did you have XP installed on one of the other installed drives when you reinstalled it on this drive?
    Do you have XP the original or does it have any SPs?
    I can t remember for certain offhand but the original XP doesnt include the SATA driver.
    Check this article to see if it helps
  5. Yes, I have another XP installed on my other 2 hardrives. Sorry i should've been more clear so here's exactly what my setup is:

    I have 3 SATA HDDs, one of them is just for storage so no OS is installed and 2 of them have XP installed and i was running them in dual boot. But since my new 1TB HDD is big enough for me to replace the previous 2, i want to just use it, i.e just using one HDD instead of 3.

    So ya i installed XP on my 1TB HDD while having the other 2 hardrives also connected and one of them already have XP installed.

    Nope i'm not using the original, I'm using a custom version I made myself with SATA drivers integrated into it using Nlite, and i know it works fine because i've installed plenty of custom OS for my friends.

    You're right, the original XP doesn't come with SATA drivers. But still, it shouldn't even affect desktop computers, it's only for laptops that you'll need to worry about integrating SATA drivers with your XP so that you can install it. The fact that i've already installed it means that i didn't need SATA drivers in the first place because i'm using a desktop PC, which is true because my BIOS options show my hardrives are connected as IDE Enhanced or something like they're being connected as if they were IDE hardrives basically.
  6. Im thinking a repair install with the other drives out might help you out.
    Since the other drive was in when you installed this one I think it may have detected the other setup and installed the boot loader to that drive.

    With the other drive in, see if you can find the boot.ini file and determine where it is.
  7. ok thanks i'll give it a try.
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