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Please can someone help me? My computer seems to sometimes have a life of its own.

The screen scrolls up and down on it's own, sometimes it flicks back through internet pages or document pages that I have been viewing.

other times it starts messages on my yahoo messenger and types garbage or types in sentences which i have used previously. usually the message is typed to 'rrr' or someother random address, it generally does not send messages to my yahoo address book.

other times whilst I am typing, the curzor moves up into another sentance so that i am not typing in the right section. When I move it back down it is ok for a while then moves again.

I am protected by Norton 360 and have run many virus scans but they show nothing.

has anyone got any idea what is wrong?

many thanks.
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  1. I've had that issue with the cursor, but replacing the mouse fixed it. Did you try a different keyboard and mouse?
  2. Check if you have Infrared (irda) enabled, or voice input.
  3. Thank you for your reply - I have recently changed my keyboard. could that be the problem/
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