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Hi, so basically let me get straight to the point! I am using IE8 as my primary browser, always have. It is very fast and does everything i need. I have tried many various other browsers but my ISP connection is so fast and my DNS is so fast that it bring it to the point that even faster browsers make little difference in speed they open pages therefore IE8 is my primary choice. It also flies in Windows 7. The question i wanted to ask is in IE8, there is a nice setting where it lets you control not only the size of your offline cache but also where it is stored. Since I have an SSD, i prefer the cache to be storded on my storage hard drive instead so i won't have useless writes on my SSD which wears it out. I used many browsers except for Firefox, i finally tried it but I saw I couldn't change the location of the stored cache, but just control its size. Maybe I am missing something and maybe its possible, if it is can you explain how? Because i couldn't find it. Thank you, i just liked it because of all the cool add-ons and skins you can add :-) BTW I installed the latest version which is 3.6
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  1. To move your "Temporary Internet Files" folder other location on your hard drive

    Tools -> Internet Options -> Settings -> Move Folder
  2. Wrong... there is nothing called tools options, its preferences or something...if you are confusing it with IE8 instructions, please read the full post and understand before commenting :)
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    sorry for my misunderstanding, i'm not good at english, & its a big paragraph , so i may confused

    here's the link for firefox
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  5. Thank YOU!
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