Network Freezing randomly.

Hey guys I need some help and suggestions..

I have my system on a home network on a linksys router.. its seems that my connection is freezing up occasionally to the point where I cannot even access my router with the default addy.

I can try release nenew but it doesnt help.. I have tried both DHCP and assigning the IP by static.. when it freezes I have also tried just logging off and back on but than I get a connected with limited activity icon for the network connection.. the only way to restore my connection to to reboot the system..

I am at work so cant really troubleshoot it... but when I get home im gonna try the following.. diffrent network cable, other NIC slot on my mobo, and reinstalling the NIC drivers..

Any other possible ideas????

mobo is a p5n32-SLI deluxe
Router is a Linksys 4port router hardwired. Not sure of the model number.
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  1. Check for router firmware / IOS updates and check the routers logs if it has any for DHCP errors.
  2. I have a similar problem with an HP core 2 system. I have already tried a PCI NIC, reformatting and reinstalling the OS, reflashing the BIOS. Nothing fixed it. My next step is to replace the RAM.
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