ATI CCC 9.5 problems...

O.k. another one of these threads... I installed ATI Catalyst 9.5, and an amazing thing happened, the CCC stopped working(AGAIN), what a surprise :sarcastic: . This happened to me before with 9.4 so I thought, I know how to fix this... but it didn't work. So I checked to see if the folder had the same things in it as last time(I had to change a couple files) and I figured out that it wasn't even installed... even though the Catalyst Installer thinks CCC is working fine. The driver itself is working fine, and everything else seams normal( Windows Vista, 4870X2 if it the card matters). I'm 100% sure I did everything right downloading and installing, I just don't know why its not installing the CCC. Any thoughs? Thanks :hello:
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  1. Prolly because you're using a 9800GT. List your system specs. :lol:

    Edit for writer's embellishment.
  2. badge said:
    Prolly because you're using a 9800GT. List your system specs. :lol:

    Edit for writer's embellishment.

    lol I posted that I was using a 4870X2 in the first place ;) ...but here they are:

    Intel Core i7 920 @ 2.67
    Asus P6T
    Sapphire 4870X2
    Western Digital HD 640GB @ 7200 RPM
    Corsair 6GB triple channel RAM @ 1333 MHZ
    Acer X223W
    Windows Vista 64-bit

    I don't see how the system hardware is affecting this, I thought it was all software related...
  3. You may try downloading the CCC 9.5 complete driver package (9.4 if 9.5 still will not load properly) to your desktop. Boot in to safe mode. When you open the driver package in Safe Mode, choose uninstall driver and uninstall. Then, in Safe Mode, load the driver up from there. Try 9.4 if 9.5 still has a problem. Note: Previously installed ATI drivers can also be uninstalled from th conrol panel/remove programs.

    One other note: The card was tested to work correctly with the driver version on the install CD thta came with the card. Also, I belive it was CCC version 9.3 that had numerous issues with the 4870 X2 as well as crossfire setups in general. CCC 9.4 and 9.5 have worked fine with my 4850 x 2 Xfire setup.
  4. YES IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!! :sol: :bounce: :hello:

    Here are the things I did(I don't know which one did them but if I have this problem again I'm doing all of these):

    1.) Uninstall the driver using the Catalyst Uninstall manager
    2.) (In safe mode) Use driver sweeper and clean the remaining files
    3.) Uninstall and re-install Microsoft.Net FrameWork (I have 3.5 SP1)
    4.) Re-Install the new driver
    5.) YOUR DONE!!!!
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