KANDALF LCS.... help me guys please

what do you say about it??
is the water cooling kit that comes with it good enough for a good OC?? im going to get a new rig soon and im still not sure about the case... is there any better options for the same price? (keep in mind that it has watercooling kit )
i thought the stacker 830 EVO + TUNIQ tower would be good too

so what do u think? :roll:
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More about kandalf guys please
  1. The case is good, the watercooling system however sucks.

    I'd go with the Thermaltake armor with the 25cm side panel fan and a Thermalright Ultra-120 Extreme CPU cooler.

    That'd would make a good combo.

    Good luck. :D
  2. but i've saw a lot of reviews and they all said thath water cooling wasvery good...
    at load with an oced E6400@3.2 1.53v it was 33C :roll:

    and in all the reviews they had similar results!! so r u sure that its not good? :?


    look at these results:

    they did the test with an E6600
  3. anyone????? :cry:
  4. any body home??? :roll:
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